We welcome everyone with an interest in photography. Whether you are a beginner with a point-and-shoot compact, an advanced shooter with an SLR, or an enthusiast wanting to build a library of images for competition. We also schedule "Photographers Tour"  for those not wanting so much the tuition but to be taken to the right location for photography, with like-mined people, and given the  time to take those shots that work for them.

The tuition given during the tours covers both technical and creative concepts and you will come home with a complete understanding of your camera's capabilities and a much-improved technique.

We go beyond technique and show you how to see things differently. We show you different angles and approaches that portray more than the average holiday snap, and point out interesting detail that will add colour and engagement to your images. We will search out ‘magic’ moments, like capturing the people and happenings that are the essence of Italy.

In essence this tour will increase your visual awareness of your surroundings, heighten your photographic skills and bring you close to the people, culture and history of Italy.

You will be given individual tuition, feedback and reviews of your progress and by the end of the tour you will have learnt how to:

  • Confidently use your camera.
  • Creatively see the world around you.
  • Capture unique and original images of some of the world’s most photographed locations.
  • Capture moments and memories that will instantly take you back to that time and place.

You will come home with images that will delight you, and impress your family and friends...and for those who are members of camera groups a library of images for competition.

If you are thinking of upgrading your camera or lenses, or even buying your first camera, we can advise you as to what will be most suitable for your needs and budget...you may want to take advantage of buying Duty Free.

For details on the technical tuition and techniques covered on tour  (click here).

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September 2014 Tour